Barset Consulting, based in New York City, advises clients worldwide, including executives, board members, legal counselors, auditors, risk managers and financial specialists, on transaction and portfolio analysis and on risk management practices and governance. Our practice is focused on litigation consulting for structured credit, enterprise risk management and risk management due diligence.

The firm's strength is its ability to identify quickly key issues within complex transactions and to communicate these effectively to a variety of audiences. Some examples include: assessing salient financial issues within a legal argument, evaluating the critical risks of an asset-backed transaction, and identifying the operational and cultural obstacles faced by a firm's risk managers.

The successful analysis of complexity in financial transactions requires that fundamental issues be clearly articulated, free of jargon and in context. Barset Consulting provides this service based on extensive experience in the financial markets as well as on its long history of designing and building risk management systems spanning multiple businesses, including structured finance, municipal debt, global infrastructure and investment portfolios.

In addition to the founder, Barset Consulting sources and teams up with additional expertise when required, including specialists in quantitative modelling, valuation and regulatory affairs.