RUTH WHALEY — Principal

Ms. Whaley, founder of Barset Consulting LLC, is a senior finance executive with more than 25 years' experience in global fixed income and risk management at the executive and board level. She is a member of the board of Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited (, serving on the audit and finance committees, and of Cambridge in America (, serving on the audit and major gift committees. She is also affiliated with The Regulatory Fundamentals Group LLC (, as a senior consultant, and with the Cambridge Judge Business School Centre for Risk Studies (, as director of corporate development. She has been a frequent speaker at risk conferences.

Ms. Whaley's experience in banking, insurance and asset management has focused most recently on financial guarantees, loans, and investment and derivative products. She has deep and broad knowledge of a wide range of fixed-income sectors, including corporate, asset-backed, municipal and infrastructure, in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia. As former Chief Risk Officer of MBIA Inc. and a member of its executive policy committee for 10 years, she directed global risk management for the firm's multi-billion-dollar financial guaranty and fixed-income investment businesses. Specifically, she built and led a global enterprise risk division that included units for credit risk underwriting, market and operational risk, portfolio management and quantitative analytics. During this time she:

  • developed and implemented risk exposure aggregation systems, risk-based capital models, portfolio limits and catastrophic stress-testing
  • created additional risk specialties in derivative valuations and operational risk
  • adjusted risk governance and practices in response to corporate and market changes
  • designed risk-training courses for all levels of the organization
  • oversaw regulatory risk compliance, reviewed disclosures and presented corporate risk issues to stakeholders.
Ms. Whaley's earlier experience included 10 years at CapMAC Holdings, Inc. (which subsequently merged with MBIA), as Chief Credit Officer. This included underwritng asset backed transactions, building a portfolio management function and setting up risk management processes for an Asian affiliate.

Ms. Whaley began her financial career at Citigroup (1982-1986) and UBS (1986-1987), where she structured corporate and project financings for multinational companies, predominantly energy-related. She earned a B.A. from Cambridge University, England, in 1977, was a Henry Fellow at Yale University (1977-1978) and received a Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1982.