Litigation Support
Analyzing and assessing transactions and investments for legal teams handling complex structured products such as CDOs, asset-backed securities and credit derivatives. Clarification of market practices, transaction mechanics, and collateral and valuation issues in the context of legal arguments.
Enterprise Risk Management and Governance
Evaluating the strategic and operational effectiveness of an organization's risk management activities.

Designing and constructing risk management operations, including risk measurement and rating methods; specialty technical units and staffing; decision-making processes; IT requirements; documentation, communication, and reporting procedures (both internal and external).

Reviewing and assessing firm-wide risk governance at every level and across functions (board and executive management as well as business, risk, audit, finance and surveillance staff), including risk culture, documentation, procedures, controls and policies. Policy review includes analyzing the scope and effectiveness of credit, underwriting and investment-portfolio policies on the basis of an organization's core principles, risk-exposure performance over time, reporting activity and staff understanding.

Review of disclosures of risk management in public documents for best practices.

Assistance in hiring and training of in-house staff.

Risk Management Due Diligence
Evaluate and assess risk governance, risk strategy, risk-management policies and procedures, and risk-function effectiveness for would-be acquirers of financial institutions.

Post-merger review of risk management needs, including organizational, functional and expertise requirements. Integration services.